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V-Mill I



Developed in response to a growing need for Shear Test Specimens, the V-Mill I was developed specifically for the rapid and accurate machining of v notch shear specimens from composites.

The test strip must be pre-cut to the correct length and width, using the Tensilsaw or Tensilkut machine, and is then clamped in a precision template which is manually moved across the V-Mill table during the machining of the notches into the test specimen.  The template rides along the guide plate, which is manually adjusted by a micrometer control knob.  A series of passes ensures that both notches are cut evenly and symmetrically.

Templates for notches in accordance with ASTM D5379 and ASTM D7078 are available.

Diamond cutters specifically contoured to correctly cut the notch in theseShear Test specimens are available from Tensilkut Engineering.

Tensilvac, Tensilmist and a Motor Speed Control are available for installation on this machine.

Model Voltage Description Size Weight
 80-01 115V V-Mill I
 16"x24"x38"H 95 lbs.
 80-02 230V V-Mill I
 16"x24"x38"H 135 lbs.
 80-21 -- ASTM D5379 Template
 .75"x3.0" blank
 5 lbs.
 80-22 -- ASTM D7078 Template
 2.2"x3.0" blank
 6 lbs.
 80-11 -- Cutter for V-Mill

 2 lbs.