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Tensilbits for Use with Tensilkut I & II


For optimum surface finish and contour duplication on your flat test specimens, you need carbide cutting tools engineered specifically for high speed machining with Tensilkut. Super cutting edge sharpness combined with the proper angles of cut and relief are essential to achieve the fine shavings required for non-deformed specimen edges.


The chart below suggests the correct Tensilbits for a variety of applications, including yours.  These Tensilbits are used with most Tensilkut I models and all Tensilkut II models. Please call us at (865) 982-6300 for pricing information or to place an order; all bits are stocked for immediate shipment.  For your convenience, we accept credit cards for Tensilbit and Master Template orders.

Part NoDescription

Suggested Applications


2 Flute,

Carbide Tipped

Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass



2 Flute,

Solid Carbide

Steel, Stainless, Soft Plastics



4 Flute,

Solid Carbide

Stainless, Hard Plastics


8 Flute,

Solid Carbide

Plastics (General Applications)


Solid Carbide,

Burr Type

Ceramics,  Fiberglass, Rubber, Kevlar*, Composites, Epoxies


Diamond Plated,

Straight Shank

Ceramics, Kevlar*

For information on cutters to be used with the CNC Tensilkut III, click here.

Shown above: 50-18 Template, 50-69 Template,
40-75, 40-74, 40-76, 40-73 and 40-72 Tensilbits

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