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Preparation of the physical test specimen can be a difficult and time consuming operation. A highly skilled machinist, a precision milling machine and considerable hand finishing can achieve the required configurations of the test specimen. However, the slow milling cutter speeds create heavy chip loads and can induce severe internal distortion to the machined edges. Specimens of light gauge sheet are frequently die cut to the required test configuration. The basic principal of die cutting causes severe deformation to the critical specimen edges. Both conventional milling and die cutting create great variations and errors in the physical properties of the materials. The ideal tensile specimen should duplicate the pure basic metal or plastic being tested with a total absence of tool marks, incipient cracks, induced stresses, internal deformation or heat distortion. Tensilkut achieves these ideal requirements and produces an almost perfect test specimen.

For over 50 years, Tensilkut Engineering has been manufacturing and selling precision equipment for the accurate preparation of physical test specimens. Designed to be located in the lab with the universal testing machine, Tensilkut machines can be used by lab personnel without previous machining experience.


The CNC Tensilkut III is the newest generation of Tensilkut machine, designed specifically for the preparation of flat physical test specimens for use in universal testing machines. The CNC Tensilkut III will cut tensile, flexural, tension impact and other samples from plastic or fiberglass sheets, and from precut strips of steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, copper and other metals and non-metallic materials. It was developed for use by lab personnel without previous machining experience. The unit is shipped fully set up; the computer need only be hooked up for the system to be ready to operate.

The CNC Tensilkut III employs an integral IBM compatible computer with hard drive, 101 key enhanced keyboard and mouse to prepare those specimens which we have programmed in accordance with the customer's requirements. A chip shield surrounds the entire working area of the machine, inhibiting flying chips and lessening the noise of the cutting operation. An emergency stop switch is mounted on the front of the machine, as are all power switches. The unit contains a vacuum chip removal system and a micro drop coolant system for improved edge finishes. This system features a Windows-based software featuring pull down menus for easy use; the color monitor displays tool paths, speeds and depths of cut during operation. Programs for ASTM, ASM, JIS, DIN and other standards as required by the user are installed in the computer, and accessed via the pull-down menus. Optional software will allow specimen contours to be imported from most CAD drawing programs. Click here for further information on the CNC Tensilkut III. For a personalized quotation or more general information, please supply us with information on your specific application.


The CNC Tensilathe is a new, fully automatic lathe developed specifically for turning round tensile, fatigue, jominy and other test bars from most machinable metals and non-metallics. The CNC Tensilathe employs a microcomputer which is programmable to prepare a wide variety of specimens from approximately 1/4" overall diameter to in excess of 2" overall diameter. The Pentium computer with integral hard drive includes a color monitor, keyboard and mouse.

This new lathe features a Windows based software featuring pull down menus for easy operation; neither machining nor CNC tool experience are required for the user to quickly learn to turn his own bars. A complete, illustrated self-instruction manual guides the user through the entire turning process; training in our facility is also available. Optional software will allow specimen contours to be imported from most CAD drawing programs; most users prefer to allow us to program their systems. This lathe uses a standard 3-jaw chuck; a 4-jaw chuck is available for gripping irregular pieces. The unit contains a Micro-Drop coolant system; a chip shield inhibits flying chips and reduces the noise of the lathe. An emergency stop switch is located on the front of the unit, as are all power switches. For more details and specifications on the machine, including the information needed to accurately program your specimen contours into the CNC Tensilathe, click