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CNC Tensilkut


The CNC Tensilkut III was developed for use by lab personnel without previous machining experience.  It employs an integral IBM compatible computer with hard drive, 101 key enhanced keyboard and mouse to prepare those specimens which we have programmed in accordance with the customer's requirements. A chip shield surrounds the entire working area of the machine, inhibiting flying chips and lessening the noise of the cutting operation. An emergency stop switch is mounted on the front of the machine, as are all power switches. The unit contains a vacuum chip removal system and a micro drop coolant system for improved edge finishes. This system features a Windows-based software featuring pull down menus for easy use; the color monitor displays tool paths, speeds and depths of cut during operation. Programs for ASTM, ASM, JIS, DIN and other standards as required by the user are installed in the computer, and accessed via the pull-down menus. Optional software will allow specimen contours to be imported from most CAD drawing programs.